My Bridal Look: The Details

Girls, how many of you imagined that you’d look and feel like a goddess on your wedding day? While planning my bridal look, I went for what I would feel most comfortable and ‘myself’ in. I also knew I wanted to have an outfit change into something a little sexier. Let’s go brick by brick:


Make Me Up did amazing. Ariana started this company by doing makeup in her mom’s beauty salon when she was younger. Her mom found out that she had been doing her client’s makeup (against her wishes) because they kept coming back asking her to do their makeup again. Her mom reluctantly agreed to let her keep doing makeup & then when little Ariana grew up, she started an empire.

I can’t say enough great things about my wedding day makeup. Airbrushing was the BEST decision. If you have a long day (like I did), it’s a MUST to make sure your makeup holds through the rain and the sweat from dancing the night away. My best friend used them and I knew I wanted them to do my makeup simply because my friend looked like a goddess on her day & never sweat it off.


I made the very easy decision to wear my sister’s dress. Daddy gave her away in it and I wanted that same spirit with me when I walked down the aisle. For all my brides without dads, CLICK HERE for some fun tips you can make that day extra special. I added a long sleeved topper from David’s Bridal to make it feel more ‘me.’


In searching for the perfect earrings, I knew I wanted a simple yet elegant. Also I knew that would include pearls and diamonds. After LOTS of searching, I FOUND THEM. Since I did an outfit change, I wanted the most intricate and delicate earrings for the ceremony and then for the reception, I wanted a more exciting statement. I was torn between a few different brands of earrings I love for the reception ‘va-va-voom’ earrings, like Nicola Bathie McGlaughlin, Lisi Lerch, or – but Vivian Drew makes earrings that are remarkably lightweight and stunning.


So thanks to COVID, there were NO hair stylists available… I did my own hair. I actually ended up curling my hair about 4 times that day – because it was raining.

My veil was my sister’s and mom and I practiced putting it in my hair MANY TIMES before the wedding day, so she knew exactly what to do and I knew how to do my hair (FYI – lots of teasing). It’s very simple veil with an attached comb, nothing too fancy, but it has volume, perfect for a big impact.

The Reception Dress:

Since I had a monstrosity of a gown for my ceremony, I wanted to have something sexier for the reception – you know – a dress I could actually dance in?! I found THE perfect one HERE! Maybe I’ll find a way to attend a black & white party… The great thing about buying a wedding dress from BHLDN is that you can 100% wear it again.


Last but NOT least… I knew there was no way I would want to spend the typical $3,000 price tag for flowers. We need a hot water heater, a new roof, and a driveway. Also, I want our home to be well decorated. There’s no shame in favoring spending on the things that you’ll build your life upon and not just a party. That’s what the women who founded Something Borrowed Blooms thought, too. They came to the rescue and started making silk flowers into beautiful bouquets! Rent these silk bouquets, they arrive on your doorstep 3 days before the wedding, and voila.


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