The Creation of Chinoiserie Abstracts

The birthplace of this collection was my favorite garden store, Boxwoods, in Buckhead Atlanta. From the beautiful green house to the basement workshop where the most beautiful silk flowers are made - I wanted to create a stunning collection of abstract artwork that felt like a dreamlike garden. 

Funny enough, the scent of dirt - the Earth - how grounding it is - inspired the chinoiserie abstract. The beauty of the green house, it's lovely greenery, and the act of rooting myself among the hydrangeas - that really gave me the inspiration for this technique. The abstract background is a painting in and of itself & is made with a quickness about it so I am adding layers on layers behind the chinoiserie branches! The technique for the chinoiserie branches is so simple yet so elegant. Each leaf is done in a single stroke, and the branches are drawn intuitively - no prior planning or sketching. I'm so proud of how very natural these come together to make an heirloom piece!

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