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Oh So Lovingly

Original Hydrangea Trellis En Vert (11x14)

Original Hydrangea Trellis En Vert (11x14)

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You don't need an interior decorator... When art speaks to you, you are well on your way to being the most qualified (and only) person who can truly decorate the home of your dreams!

Allow these darling hydrangeas to transform your home into a sanctuary. Bring the outside in with a painting that feels like standing in front of blossoming hydrangeas bushes. Art is how you curate a home that feels like a retreat from the world - brimming with wonder... Art is a magic wand, and waving it transforms your dwelling place into a sanctuary that is oh so vibrant. 

This collection was inspired by the grandest of greenhouses across the English countryside, smelling the richness of the soil, and studying the structure of every elegant sprout. 

These original acrylic paintings have MANY layers to achieve the wildness of a greenhouse or a springtime growth spurt. The depth of color is stunning - it makes the kind of statement you and your guests will be talking about for years to come. And you own one of the few originals.

How To Frame Your Original on Papier:

-With a Mat (pictured): Order 16x20 frames. LOVE THESE! Or you can order PRE-CUT MATS & THIS 16x20 FRAME.
-Full Bleed (also an amazing look): Order 11x14 frames. LOVE THESE! 

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